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Email a Friend Rio Outbound Fly Line Review
By Stephen Wilson

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Rio OutBound Floating Fly Line (Tropical)
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Do you ever find yourself looking for something different from a fly line? Are you the type of caster who would like a little help in the wind or gaining distance? Are you looking for an alternative to over lining your rod to make your high performance fast action rod load better? The Rio Outbound line is a great choice next time you decide to try something new.

I am sure this similar scenario has happened to you. I was going through all of my gear before a recent trip to the Bighorn River. I was going to be there for eight days and wanted to be sure all of my gear was in together, intact, and in proper working order. The trip was going great as far as the weather and the fishing. Towards the end of the trip I was faced with a very powerful downstream wind. No problem, I just put together my 7 weight rod and planned to nymph with that for the day. As I began casting I realized I had a problem. My 7 weight floating line rarely gets fished as I usually fish a sink line with that rod. I had not fished this line in a while and forgot its horrible condition. In all my preparation for this trip, that was one thing I did not look at or replace. There was the clicking sound of the worn parts of the line where it was nothing but core going through my guides. There was also the remarkable ease at which these problem areas would tangle, kink, or knot. I swore I would never fish that line again and would replace it immediately. Naturally, I was on a fishing trip on a windy day shortly after returning from the Bighorn and totally forgot to replace it and was faced with the same challenges. I mentally kicked myself all day for that one.

The truth is, I never really cared for that line on this rod in the first place. It was a typical tapered and weighted 7 weight line. It did not punch through the wind very well. I use that floating line on very windy days on rivers where you really need something to punch through the wind. It did not handle the cold very well. I also use this line on wintery days to reach far deep holes when it is too cold to float. It also did not spey cast very well, which is something I am doing more and more with my single hand rods. It was light at the tip and I felt myself pulling my anchor point very easily.

After doing some research and reading I inquired at the shop about the Rio Outbound line. Charlie Conn told me to go for it and would have a lot of fun bombing that line all day. I did have fun bombing that line. The line itself does over line your rod by quite a bit so be ready for that. It is heavier than AFTMA standards. The WF 7WT has a 275 grain head but the taper works very well to turn it over and not have a sloppy effect. The head is short, only 37.5 ft but many aggressive shooting heads are short punching through the wind much better than a longer belly line. The Outbound line has a yellow to green color change from the head to the running line which I always find helpful. I have fished this line as a nymphing line as well as with a short piece of sink tip for streamers. The aggressive taper does well to turn over heavy tips or heavy multi fly nymph rigs.

As a nymphing line I found it a pleasure to cast and a great windy day option. It seemed to float well and it mended well enough. The real advantage was the fact that it turned over heavy nymph rigs in the wind with minimal tangles. Weather I was over hand casting or roll/spey casting the line, I enjoyed watching the perfection at which I would see indicator, slpitshot, and two flies roll over in succession and typically where I wanted them. The wind just didnít seem to stop this line which really pays off on windy western rivers.

As a streamer line with a short sink tip, this is a great chuck and duck option. This is the way to deliver your fly through the tough wind. I found this to work well with a steelhead style down and across cast from the bank. This leads me to believe it would be a great line for steelheading. I was able to cast my streamer to far and away foam lines, stripping fish out of lies that would have been difficult to reach without deep wading. This is not a typical spey taper line but I did find that the Outbound would shoot very well with a single or double spey. The heavy head seemed to grab the water a little better to hold a solid anchor point. When I would accelerate, the line would fire out and roll over very nicely. It would be a little overkill for a boat streamer line but for covering water from the bank, I found the Outbound to be a great option.

As far as fishing this line as a streamer line, there are better options. The Rio Outbound is available in sink rates from intermediate and hover, all the way to T-11 and T-14. For a western trout fisherman, I find the floating line to be most versatile as an all around choice.

Make no mistake, this is not a typical weight forward trout fly line, this is a shooting taper. I would not want to fish this line on a regular basis to up close sipping trout. Actually the truth is I have fished this with small dries only because I was too lazy to put together a 5 weight. I did manage to catch a few but it hit the water a little hard and heavy. For its main purpose it works remarkably well. Recently I cast this line on a brand new Sage Xi3 9í 7wt out behind the shop. I found this line to match this rod remarkably well so I can see the value of this line in saltwater situations. In all, I am a fan. This is a line I would buy again. It is available as a floating line starting at a 5 wt up to a 12 wt and can help anyone to achieve distance and overcoming windy situations.

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